V is for Viennese Whirls

Not to take anything seriously, but its time for some cake. These cakes were purchased purely in the interest of science.


Mr Kipling, or Asda’s own? Branded or not? Is cake just cake? Is it worth paying the extra 60p?

In this mico article I shall be taking, and eating, one or two for the team, just so you don’t have too. On this occasion it just so happens to involve eating cake, but I assure you it’s just a coincidence.



Both are sold in a handy cardboard box. This stops them getting crushed or covered in other people’s sticky fingers. Within the box is a moulded plastic tray that stops them getting squashed together. All common ground so far. Cardboard can be recycled, or used to light a fire, or made into a model, or even used to write notes on. The plastic tray has several handy impressions, it may be recyclable, depending on how green your local authority claims to be, but it can be washed and used as a handy container to mix paint in, if you need to mix paint, used as a seed planter if that’s on your agenda, or passed to a child to turn into a crappy but cute model of a spaceship or something. Then recycled or put in the landfill bin, depending on your personal social conscious. Any differences in quality at this point are negligible.



Pretty much as per box art. Mr Kipling is more generous with the dusting powder on this sample. Both are well stuffed with a creamy substance, and a generous dollop of a red sticky jam type goo.



Sorry Asda, your product is quite crude compared to the branded one. Mr K seems to have ground his ingredients a bit more, it is a smoother, more crumbly, and delightfully messy munch. Having said that, cake remains cake, and is always welcome. Especially with a nice cup of Tea.



The extra 10p a cake is money well spent. However, if I only had a single pound in my pocket, the Asda version would be welcome too.