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With a tip of the hat to Minecraft books and masondan who have decided to join the select band of followers of this tale.


George has finally met Minecraft Steve and his made up mate Malcolm.
“You haven’t seen a pick axe have you?”
George looks at him blankly, something pretty easy for a little dude made of plastic. He wants to use the word harmless, but has to settle for a shake of the head. He thinks it’s a bit creepy here. Edgy to.

17012013. 58.


17012013. 58.

There was a full moon that night. The wind, that had blowing hard from the east, had stopped suddenly. It could have been the the sudden silence, or the unexpected power cut. Deprived of other senses, George became aware of unusual noises outside. He sat still for a moment. There was a strong urge to go to bed, to hide under the duvet, and let sleep tele-port him to the morning. There it was again, a thud, a shuffle, a rustle. Straining his ( lets pretend he has some ) ears, he sits in darkness, the silence oppressive. ( still pretending he has a heart, blood vessels, the whole cardiovascular thing ) The silence oppressive, his own heart beat, the rush of blood around the inner ear, the loudest thing. He stands up, adrenaline surging. Now aware of the complete absence of noise. the sound of someone, something, somethings trying to be very quiet.
George now knew there was something out there. he took a deep breath and stepped outside.
He looked directly into the malevolent eyes of Vampire bat dude, standing on his car port roof.
A long second passed.
” Oh clear off Bat dude, go play on someone else s roof”
Vampire dude snarled, then lowered his head
“sorry George”