“I am Not ready for a close up”


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George enjoys a mug of coffee early on Monday morning. He thinks there is something special about a Monday, how it’s the start of fresh week with endless possibilities. It’s not like a Thursday, were the weight of the preceding days cause so much drag, you could almost believe Friday will never come.

It’s a warm welcome to Monday and a whole new week to play with!

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With a tip of the hat to Minecraft books and masondan who have decided to join the select band of followers of this tale.


George has finally met Minecraft Steve and his made up mate Malcolm.
“You haven’t seen a pick axe have you?”
George looks at him blankly, something pretty easy for a little dude made of plastic. He wants to use the word harmless, but has to settle for a shake of the head. He thinks it’s a bit creepy here. Edgy to.

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Hey hey hey, we’re back!


I was just waiting to get the all time most annoying and strangely tragic Simpsons lego clown dude out of those lucky dip packets. (Not really, that’s just an excuse made up on the spur of the moment….)

I stopped because the one a day commitment was a touch unrealistic. Having missed one day, being in no fit state to pick up camera, and get all creative late one night, another became no big deal. The rot took hold.

I aim to post three or four times a week, depending on life’s little demands. The idea of leaving this humble blog hanging on 61 posts was playing on my mind, it’s a silly number to walk away from, so I nearby commit to reach 100 pictures.

With thanks foolishlego.com for a well deserved prod.