Welcome to this Blog. The aim is to throw on a Lego related picture each and every day. Most of the stuff featured belongs to my Son, who is rather hoping that this blog will see an increase in Lego around the home. It’s a bit of fun, a release from the day and sometimes night job. And about me? Male, married, closer to fifty than thirty, two children, two dogs, challenging job, and trying to cultivate my buried creative side.

There is no reason for not adding to this for well over a year, other than a photo a day was a big commitment, when balanced with life off internet. However, 61 photos on a blog is an affront to any sort of balance, so I will undertake to add at least another 39 images over the next few weeks, just in case anyone is watching…



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I’m doing my own Lego-365 (foolish Lego) since January 1st and its fun and releasing. And my daughter hopes for more more more Lego too Haha…
    Hoop you keep it up, I’ll be following you to see what up come up with

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