L is for LEGO


This started with Lego, and will continue to bring in Lego now and again. This is the primary build from 31048 Creator set, released in 2016, Mountain hut or similar. I don’t buy a lot of Lego any more, but when I do, it tends towards the Creator sets. What I like about this one is,

  1. Compact. It all fits on a base, no significant bits flapping about loose. Well there is a moose to make with this set, but as it falls into the flapping about loose category it does not get made.
  2. Quick to build.  Less than an hour.
  3. Variety. You have a lake, fishing, woodcutting, frogs, tree, some inside detail, and a fire.
  4.  Its a small building. I quite like small buildings.
  5. Nice rendering of a log cabin.

Have a nice day..


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