M is for Mental Health


Now I am am no Mental Health professional, and some MH conditions are chronic, and need professional treatment. With my neck firmly and willingly on the line, most are not.

Stay with me on this.

This is about mental well being, a sort of keep fit for the brain.

The object is to suggest some tools to avoid common mental health concerns. They are my opinion only, and your mileage may very.


  1. You are one of many. You are not that special. Some will love you, some will hate you, some will enrich your life, others will not. Most will not even be aware of your existence. Good things will happen to you, bad things will happen to you. You were born, you will die, and you have no control over either of those. You simply are. You are that consciousness behind your eyes and just over your nose. You are that last interaction good or bad. Accept this. Try to do more good than bad.
  2. To paraphrase one of actor Jack Nicholson quotes, “The less I care, the happier I am“ So the message here is to care about things that are within your influence. Care about the people close to you, the people who want to be with you, or be part of your life. There is little point getting all riled up and passionate about things you have no sway over. View these other things as what they are, just entertainment. Support your team, but if they are not the winners this time, that’s no reason to feel bad, or to feel angry or depressed. You can celebrate the game, and feel grateful to be part of it.
  3. Have a look at mindfulness as a way of enjoying the mundane, as well as the spectacular. Even sat at the keyboard typing, I can marvel at the apparent dexterity of fingers and hands, feel the comfortable pressure of crossed ankles and so on. Try to do the best you can at whatever your doing.
  4. Try to minimise your exposure to harmful substances, and avoid where possible being dependent on these. Recognise the difference between say a social drink with friends, and getting completely shitfaced. One is a great and acceptable use of your time, the other is not. Understand your limits, and understand how judgement can be clouded when intoxicated.
  5. Get a good sweat on several times a week. Your personal level of fitness will determine what is required, but physical exercise makes you feel better. It’s all do do with some complicated internal biochemistry, but it really works. Just don’t use it as an excuse to beat on yourself. In any way. You are doing this for yourself.
  6. Try to avoid treating yourself on payday. Treat yourself the day before payday, with what is left. Better still, with half of what’s left, and squirrel away the rest for another day. Avoid reckless debt. Experiences are way much better than things. If making a large purchase, ask your sales person how much commission they are making on it. Or put it another way, how much money are you going to give them personally to buy this thing. Remember, if they fudge the answer, what else is fudged about this deal. Do your research. Let’s not forget who is doing who a favour here.


Only experience will show what works for you, but try to protect your mind. Life may harm you, but it’s how you view that harm that defines you. It’s not enough to blame your misfortune on an event, and give up. You must always move on, or you won’t. Take help and advice as needed, but move on. Two little quotes, Dory in Disney’s Nemo, “ Just keep swimming, just keep swimming “, and the French Foreign Legion, “ March or die “

And away’s celebrate your Victories. Its personal to you, and important.


Be happier.  




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