Q is for Quandary.


The whole alphabet thing was started on this blog as an exercise to get myself up off the mental couch and get writing. Everyone has a tale to tell, and a blog is a useful way of getting started

My tale will be told gradually, if for no other reason than it is a life lived, to a lesser and sometimes greater degree.

I am a Pratchett fan. What is that? A Pratchetter?  Sir Terry talks about many things in his “Discworld” series, which I was pleased to stumble across in the mid 1980’s. Many of his apparently made up theories, dispensed as wit and wisdom from a variety of colourful characters, have a basis in science or just common sense.

One of the best, in my humble opinion, is the Trouser Legs of Time. Essentially, your trousers will only really go on way way. Two legs won’t fit down one hole, unless they are not your trousers, or rather, not your time line or your reality. Trousers could be put on back to front, but then you will be uncomfortable all day, literally, in the wrong reality.  To really kick this analogy a bit further, we all have a pair of trousers.

Why is it a pair of trousers? You don’t refer to a jumper as a pair of jumpers. You do refer to socks as a pair of socks, and shoes as a pair. This is more logical, both comprising of two seperate things.  Is is a south of the waist thing? Please don’t get smart about a pair of gloves. They fit on your hands, which fit in your pockets, of your trousers, and thus below the waist. QED. Why am I even thinking about this, or worse, writing it down.

We all probably have a pair of trousers, literally, we all have our own life’s, our own realities. Some are frayed shorts, some are tailored on demand to suit the wealthier wearer, some are denim, some are a nasty mix of plastic and cheap cotton. People’s realities are their own, and those who realise these tend to be more relaxed.

You have to live your own reality, however crap it is. If you want to change it, for better or worse, you have to take action to make the new trousers fit. I represent an obvious analogy at this point. Personally speaking, my reality is that my 36 inch waist jeans are getting little tight.

I may yearn for the days of 34 inch or even 32 inch. There have been too many cakes, curries and pints of beer consumed, and not enough hours running, or cycling or otherwise getting sweaty for the 34 inch reality to exist.

Two realities loom in front of me now, literally, it’s a trouser legs of time moment. Peering down one leg, a decision was taken, and the whole sweaty thing was matched with a reduction in the consumption of cake and curry. In this leg, it was accepted that effort would lead to a result, and that a decade of inhaling cakes and biscuits is not cleared up overnight. At the end of this leg, there is a gentler fit on the 36 waist trousers, or possibly a new pair in size 34.

The other leg leads to a more relaxed attitude about buying a 38 inch pair of jeans, being happy with cake and beer, and shutting down that nagging voice in the back of your head that has been screaming about heart disease, diabetes, and outrageous blood pressure.

Both realities can exist, but you have to be in your own reality at any given time. It’s not enough to made a decision. Action is required. You will not be forced to do it, there is no one who will drag you off the sofa, and chase you down the road to get you moving and sweaty on a regular basis. You have to want to take action, to want to make changes, to choose the best trouser leg for you.

Not to be confused with Reality TV, which has nothing to do with reality, but is cheap TV fodder for the feeble minded, or possibly a social scientist.

The Quandary in this micro article was what to write about starting with Q. The rest of the alphabet is pretty much covered, with one or two exceptions. J and I are looking weaker than my ( low ) average, but there are a few days in hand yet. Quandary roughly fits the Pratchett model of self determination, or Trouser Legs of Time, so we’ll leave it at that.



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