X is for Xenophobe.

This is a constructed word of the Phobic family. Despite the shrill media and minority voices, phobia is fear, not hate. To further complicate matters, the legislators have misused other constructed words, for example, Homophobic, as a term to sub classify certain offences. The intention is to give additional protection in law for groups who are really at risk or vulnerable, in this case, a group of people who are distinguished by their preference for same gender intimate relationships.

Xenophobe is deconstructed as Xeno, an old Greek word for stranger, and Phobe as above, or literally, fear of stranger.

Homophobe would be deconstructed as fear of human.

It’s no wonder the world is messed up.

We really are not that far evolved from primates, with their deep set behaviours around community and protecting themselves. Our primary means of communication is via a gap in the face which trebles up as a feeding hole, a breathing hole, as well as a means to communicate. This implies vocal communication was not an evolutionary priority.

Ancestral genetics is something else I know nothing about, but I would hazard a reasonable guess we were primates a lot longer than we have been humans.

Primate culture does not appear to have been big on stuff like poetry, introspection, critical thinking, or mass produced electronics.

So we find ourselves at a critical phase in the development of our species, when our ability to communicate effectively is severely compromised by an evolutionary design flaw, yet our ability to tinker and create as leapt ahead.

As a species, we have spread all over the bits of the world that are capable of sustaining us to whatever degree. That has to be considered a massive success. This is only eclipsed by fish, and other ocean dwellers (They win by default because there is more ocean than land).

We are very good at tinkering and creating, hence we have lots of things our primate ancestors did without. Many of these things are wonderous and helpful, like indoor plumbing and flush toilets, others less so. Devices capable of destroying a good sized city, in one handy package, are on the one hand incredibly clever bits of creative tinkering, on the other, utterly terrible.

So has our engineering ability exceeded our evolutionary development?


We still share our speaking hole with its other functions, and geography caused some of us to develop communication in significantly different ways. Google claims there are over 7000 different languages thought and spoken across the world. The fact that even as an English speaker, which is a major Language, I am unable to communicate with over 60% of my same species, is a bit of a worry. 

Inability to communicate peaceful or friendly intentions creates fear, hence the word Xenophobia, fear of strangers.

It is a natural instinct. In times of shortage primates would have to compete for the same resources, their desire to live, to protect their genes, their offspring, did, and still does, lead to fighting and death. This is where xenophobia comes from.

It is a natural instinct to protect yourself from annihilation.

It can only be minimised by communication. If not by words, then by actions.

It is not to be confused with Nationalism, Patriotism, Racism, or intolerance.


Have a peaceful day..

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