17052014. 65

With a tip of the hat to Minecraft books and masondan who have decided to join the select band of followers of this tale.


George has finally met Minecraft Steve and his made up mate Malcolm.
“You haven’t seen a pick axe have you?”
George looks at him blankly, something pretty easy for a little dude made of plastic. He wants to use the word harmless, but has to settle for a shake of the head. He thinks it’s a bit creepy here. Edgy to.

1 thought on “17052014. 65

  1. Aha, you have the minecraft set(s). I am still in doubt wetter I’ll buy them or not. I like minecraft (my daughter LOVES minecraft) and I heard TLG is planning for some minifigure-sized minecraft sets, but I’m not sure. I’ll just wait and see.

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