29052014 “Koah-ob let”


“I am Eagle Lord Gwaihir, bearer of the white wizard, and saviour of the Ring bearer, Frodo.”
Good grief, thought George, he’s even bigger then Hagrid.

“Koah-ob let”, lit. Five of seven.
From the booklet, ” Get by in Orkish”, published by the Minifig Ork Liasion
Orcs are not big on maths, reliant on either mine, or them , as in attack them, or it’s mine. The actual numbers of “them” has never been terribly relevant, as Orcs will traditionally just attack now and possibly wonder what the word consequences means if there is an “after”.

23052014. 71


Chuck is a little bit too fond of his axe. As an aspiring Zombie hunter, he spends a lot of time practicing with it. Maybe a bit too much time. There is a strange look in his eyes a look that is cultivated by spending too much time out of society, away from the pack of humanity. A somewhat concerning look. He should really PUT DOWN THE AXE, and go have a few beers with mates, or a kick about game of footy, or just do something vaguely normal that involves interacting with real members of his own species………..

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George enjoys a mug of coffee early on Monday morning. He thinks there is something special about a Monday, how it’s the start of fresh week with endless possibilities. It’s not like a Thursday, were the weight of the preceding days cause so much drag, you could almost believe Friday will never come.

It’s a warm welcome to Monday and a whole new week to play with!